Provisional Registry

The owners, leaseholders, or shipowners who are interested in registering a vessel in Honduras, must apply for registration at the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine through a professional authorized to practice law in Honduras.

The documents attached to the application form may be temporary and for the sole purpose of obtaining the Provisional Certificate of Registry, presented as authenticated photocopies.

Validity: Six (6) months

General Requirements

  1. Fill the Request Form, which can be found in the Section of Reception of Documents and Customer Service at the headquarters in Tegucigalpa, it can also be downloaded from our website.
  2. Public Deed of Power duly authenticated, in any cases, or power of attorney duly authenticated.
  3. Original or certified copy of title deed, lease or legal act by virtue of which shows the ownership.
  4. Tonnage Certificate. (Only applies to vessels larger than 78 feet or 24 meters of Length – according to the ITC 69 Convention -. In case of smaller vessels, the Recognized Organization (R.O.) chosen by the shipowner shall issue a “Non Convention” Certificate or on behalf, the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine may issue a certificate of “Simplified Tonnage Calculation”, but solely in these cases.
  5. If it is a cargo or passenger vessel an insurance policy for damage to third parties must be presented.