Terms of Services

  1. The General Directorate of the Merchant Marine will work with care and quality objectives to fulfill its obligations as a responsible Maritime Administration.

  2. Persons performing procedures or requesting the services of the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine must do it through the Document Receiving Section and Customer Support, under the General Secretariat, which is enabled to serve the customer. At the end of the procedure requested this Section shall deliver to customer as requested.

  3. Persons conducting negotiations or requesting the services of the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine must submit full documentation required for each procedure, failure to do so, the service may have delays that are not attributable to the GDMM. GDMM not guarantee the timely delivery of transactions with incomplete documentation and do not enter the requested processing time. There will be a record of transactions with incomplete requirements.

  4. The documents submitted by persons performing procedures in the GDMM will be subject to verification of authenticity by the respective departments. Verification of authenticity of documents can take whatever is necessary and the GDMM is not responsible for the delay that may occur. The time of verification of authenticity do not fall within the requested time processing.

  5. Service requests will be handled in order of entry. The advancement of applications in the process queue is not allowed. Those procedures will be assigned a number, which will help to trace.

  6. Persons performing procedures or request the services of the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine shall promptly pay for the requested service in the bank designated by the GDMM. The delay in payment and submission of payment receipt will not be calculated within the requested time processing. A log book will be necessary to keep registry of the dates and times of entry and exit of the payment receipts.

  7. All complaints or comments about the services provided by the GDMM must be made in writing by the customer filling the ESC 13.01 service survey available on the Document Receiving Section and Customer Support.

  8. When cases where the customer is required to provide additional documentation submitted, the request will be made by the relevant departments, as appropriate. The customer must provide such documentation so the requested procedure is completed. The required documentation must be submitted to the satisfaction of the respective department; otherwise the process will be suspended and will be recorded in a log book.

  9. GDMM help their customers effectively, however, customers or legal representatives thereof should take the necessary and reasonable time to provide the service requests to employees of the Document Receiving Section and Customer Support, this to make sure your request and the documentation is in order.

  10. Staff personnel of the Document Receiving Section and Customer Support must review before delivering the document applied for as requested by the client at the beginning of the process.

  11. Customers or legal representatives thereof shall take the necessary time to review well the document before retiring from the Document Receiving Section and Customer Support. Legal representatives must be notified before the delivery of the requested document, otherwise you cannot file a new application with the affected file.

  12. The costumer or his legal representative should be aware of what they are asking to the GDMM. In the case of a change in Customer's request once the process is in progress, it will be considered as a separate process and should enter the queue according to their arrival process.

  13. The documents generated by applications will be delivered within twenty-four (24) hours, as long as they had provided the requirements demanded by each procedure, had made the payment of the respective rights in a timely manner, the submission goes smoothly and additional requirements required by the respective departments are accomplished. For example, an application submitted at 3 pm on a Monday will usually be given at 3 pm the following Tuesday. Are excluded from the previous the procedures related to Seafarers, when they request the book, title, certificate, license or renewal regardless personally requested by the seafarer.

  14. The legal representatives will have access to the different offices of the General Directorate of Merchant Marine, as long as the order is followed in access to the institution. The legal representatives must be announced in the security guard of his desire to meet with the respective officer. The security guard will announce to the officer of the presence of the legal representative. The officer will give precise instructions to the security guard, allowing access, prior identification. To provide a personalized service at the end of the visit, the officer will accompany the visitor towards the exit of the premises of the institution.

  15. To give a better service to our customers and make our work more efficiently, it is prohibited the permanence of people in the work area where the requested documents are produced. These documents will be issued to the applicant in the Document Receivership Section and Customer Service exclusively.

  16. Legal representatives and GDMM customers may see and review their records request at the Documents Receivership Section and Customer Service. The legal representative or customer must review their file in the Documents Receivership Section and Customer Service and cannot add, replace or remove any documents from it.

  17. For queries or to better information about the services provided by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, the terms of service of this institution, and the quality management system in the same costumers can contact the following manner:

Telephones (504) 2236-8880, 2236-8872, 2221-3033, 2221-0721, 2221-1987

Fax# (504) 2236-8866

Central America Maritime School – (504)-2658-9030 y (504) 2658-9031

marinamercante.gob.hn / info@marinamercante.gob.hn