More than 80% of the world's commerce is carried out by means of maritime transport, which is why it is important to have people trained as Seafarers. Honduras is in the first (1st) place in Latin America and the tenth (10) place in the world in the area of seafarers, having about twenty thousand (20,000) seamen currently shipped.

The Department of Seafarers is responsible for training aspirants to merchant seamen and merchant seafarers, as well as issuing the certification of national and / or foreign seafarers

The Seafarers Department consists of two sections:

Training Section:

In charge of the Central America Maritime School (EMCA in Spanish) located in Omoa, Cortes and La Ceiba, Atlántida and the Center for Maritime Training Center South East (CECAMARH) located in the city of Tegucigalpa, are responsible for providing education to seafarers and National and foreign merchant seafarers through courses that are taught in accordance with the respective guidelines set out in the STCW 78 Convention as amended and the IMO model courses.


Certification Section:

Its primary purpose is to certify all merchant marine seafarers and officers whether nationals or foreigners attesting to this section the diplomas of the courses required by the STCW Convention 78 as amended.


For more information:

- Seafarers Department Tegucigalpa, M.D.C. Honduras, C.A.

Telephones: (504) 2239-8228 / 2239-8283 (504)  2239-8334 / 2239-8346 / 2239-8335

- Central America Maritime School (EMCA in Spanish) Omoa, Cortés Honduras, C.A.

Telephones: (504) 2658-9030  (504) 2658-9031

- Seafarers School at La Ceiba, La Ceiba Atlantida Honduras, C.A.

Telephones: (504) 2441-2170  (504) 2441-2171

- Maritime Training Center, Sur Oriente. CECAMARH/CSO Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Telephones: (504) 2239-8228 / 2239-8283 (504)  2239-8334 / 2239-8346 / 2239-8335

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Download the Identification Book for Seafarers Application Form:

Descargar Solicitud de Libreta de Identificación de la Gente de Mar

Download the medical certificate form

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