Directorate General of the Merchant Marine DGMM, closed this day the “Honduras Learn” Program for a better life



Tegucigalpa, 3 December 2016. Directorate General of the Merchant Marine DGMM, closed this day the “Honduras Learn” Program for a better life, delivering to society the first 40 citizens free of illiteracy.

DGMM is the first governmental institution to successfully complete this program.


In the closing session we can see the representatives at the main table by the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy, Licenciado Ricardo Pavón, Attorney José Maximiliano Sabillón, Attorney Antonio Arita, Engineer Vitia Alvarado, deputy department coordinator of Educatodos of the department of Francisco Morazán, Ms. Kenia Rodríguez, general director of education for young adults, teacher Mirian national coordinator of literacy, Lic. Marcela Valladares Technical assistant and our liaison, Giselle Paz coordinator of planning and Lic. Ixcel Chávez in charge of development and strategic alliance.



Mrs. Kenia Rodriguez referred to the importance of a program that lasted for 5 months and was directed to the students encouraging them to continue studying and finishing the primary.


Mr. Danilo Rigoberto Rigoberto Rodríguez Rivas is 67 years old and lives in the colony on May 3 and he gave words of gratitude and requested that we allow him to continue studying at this institution, very grateful to the authorities and to the facilitators.


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On behalf of the National Directorate of the Merchant Navy, Arita Lawyer addressed the meeting very happy because the institution contributed its grain of sand to the Honduran society. The Engineer Vitia Alvarado giving the students their First Grade Diploma.


Ms. Maria Santos López Mendoza, 62 years old, from the good colony, gave words of thanks for allowing her to learn to read and write.

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