FFAA show their humanity to perform half marathon for charity face, said President Hernandez

  • A total of 3.6 million lempiras receive Honduran Foundation for Children with Cancer, Cancer Center Emma Romero de Callejas, Zulema House and Hospital Assistance Committee Pro- San Felipe.
  • Executive grant an additional contribution to these organizations.


The Sixth Armed Forces Half Marathon Running for Health, held today for the benefit of organizations working for health, shows the human face of the military institution, President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who led the sports day he said.
The beneficiary institutions are the Honduran Foundation for Children with Cancer, Cancer Center Emma Romero de Callejas, Zulema House and the Pro-Aid Committee at Hospital San Felipe.
Thanks to this sporting event, which covered a distance of 21 kilometers, the four institutions received the amount of 3,634, 800 lempiras, from the payment of registration, while the government will provide an additional amount, announced the ruling.
More than three thousand people participated in the competition, which was held simultaneously in the cities of Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Puerto Cortes, Santa Rosa de Copan, Juticalpa, Danlí, Choluteca, Marcala, Comayagua and Siguateque.
For his part, President Hernandez began by saying that “members of the Armed Forces tell them to go forward. They are an institution of great prestige and weight in the country. Today show the face that have always had a human face”.

Contribution of the Executive


The Chief Executive said that “what today brings Armed Forces to each of these organizations, we will give an additional contribution. This is is a tremendous gesture and we want to accompany them.”
the Honduran president also stressed the importance of daily physical activity and good eating habits in the future to prevent diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity, among others.
“It is essential to exercise every day and eat healthily. The economic weight in each family, in medicine diseases that could be prevented, is tremendous. So cheer up and move on,” said Hernandez.


Meanwhile, the head of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, General Francisco Isaias Alvarez, said that “this is the sixth marathon we do consecutively to show solidarity as armed forces with all those who today can not run, or walk; today we do it for them. “
Half Marathon began in the colony on October 21 and ended in the Field of Mars stop, where then the awards to the most outstanding athletes took place.

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