Government and Cruise Lines sign agreement to promote employment


The government of President Juan Orlando Hernandez and the Association of Cruise Lines Florida-Caribbean (FCCA) signed a memorandum of understanding that will open thousands of new jobs for Hondurans.

This association is one of the most important in the area because it has a membership of 19 cruise lines operating more than 100 vessels in Florida (USA), the Caribbean and Latin America.

The document was signed by Minister of the Ministry of General Coordination of Government, Jorge Ramon Hernandez Alcerro, and the president of the FCCA, Michele M. Paige, in a ceremony held at the Presidential House.

With the agreement the offer of jobs for marine, nautical executive, technical and service industries, who must speak English as a requirement and approve training courses and certifications required for each type of work will rise.

The government created the National Program for Seafarers, whose purpose is precisely steadily, cruise ships put to sea Honduran qualified and endowed with added value.

Government trained human resources

Hernandez Alcerro Minister said that “we are very encouraged that we are opening the gap for thousands of our compatriots may join work with this Association, claiming thousands of people annually to work on these ships.”

The official said that only with well-defined and long-term strategic and political alliances is that it will stimulate job creation in the country.

“It is gratifying to note that the National Program for Seafarers is working and that through them we will continue to provide training and placement compatriots sustainable jobs,” added the minister.

He also said that this will allow many opportunities for people who already handle the English language and for others who are studying or refining, since they can aspire to a new stage in their training, providing training and being certified for the various posts of specialized jobs that It offers the cruise industry.

“The government is firmly committed to supporting all efforts necessary for us to form the human resource that will eventually work on these ships plying the waters of the Caribbean,” said the head of Coordination of Government.

The official also added that the signing of this memorandum confirms the commitment of President Hernandez tourism sector category in which it is expected to generate 50 percent of the jobs created the National Economic Development Program Honduras 20/20 in the next five years.

safe country to visit

He further explained that since 2013 Honduras recorded an increase of 80 percent in the number of visitors traveling on cruises, who spend an average of $ 87 going to the pockets of the Honduran reason Honduras today is cataloged as a country safe to visit.

He also highlighted the initiative of the Honduran government to transport cruise passengers to visit the ruins of Copan, thus expanding the supply of sun and beach, cultural and mountain tourism.

The president of the FCCA announced that, “thanks to the great agreement between us” in May next year the annual conference of the Association with representatives of the 19 cruise lines that make it up will take place in San Pedro Sula.

The agreement reflects the will of the government of President Hernandez to comply with the certification governed by the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW, for its acronym in English), the International Maritime Organization (IMO ).

In its operative part the memorandum signed states that the parties undertake to implement all the recommendations provided by the FCCA President of the Republic, through the National Council for Training, Employment and Competitiveness Seafarers, which is integrated by the Ministry of National Defense, the Directorate General of Merchant Marine, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the National Vocational Training Institute, the Honduran Institute of Tourism and the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras.


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