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Inspections in Roatan, Bay Island

Jueves 28 de Julio de 2016
Merchant Marine personnel inspected on the island of Roatan, companies engaged in maritime activities... Leer más

Meeting of the Network of Maritime and Port Authority of Central America

Jueves 28 de Julio de 2016
General Director of the Merchant Marine, Attorney Robert E. Cardona, a speaker at the XXXVIII meeting... Leer más

Mobile Courses in th Port of La Ceiba

Jueves 28 de Julio de 2016
The General Directorate of the Merchant Marines continued to make the Mobile Courses, the week of 18... Leer más

Search and Rescue Vessels

Jueves 28 de Julio de 2016
In the General Directorate of Merchant Marine,GDMM, develops a press conference addressing the issue... Leer más

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